We offer a wide variety of comprehensive services to ensure that your pet is receiving

the quality care they deserve.



Whether it be wellness, new pet, or senior examinations; we take the time with your pet.  Special services include reproductive consultation, vaccination titers, DNA analysis, and allergy testing.



Our Idexx Catalyst and Lasercyte instruments, as well as the canine tick-borne disease panel, allow for a comprehensive blood work panel to be performed in-house, that way you can know the results at the time your appointment.  For more extensive blood work, the results are analyzed in Antech Laboratories.


Laser therapy

Contemporary Diowave Technology allows for a non-intrusive form of therapy for your pet.  Laser therapy is used to reduce swelling and inflammation post- surgery, reduce infection, and alleviate arthritis.  



Ranging from routine spays and neutering, to intestinal obstruction and select orthopedic surgery, Dr. Bertoldo's expertise covers a wide spectrum of procedures should surgery be necessary for your pet.


Sometimes the answers aren't always at the surface; our digital x-ray and in-house ultrasound technology optimizes the best and most timely diagnosis for your companion.